Tuesday, May 04, 2004

[ODCAD] Coming Events in May, 2004
May 4, Singapor: Semicon 2004
Location: Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre (SICEC)
When :May 4-6, 2004
More Info:http://www.semi.org/wps/portal/_pagr/103/_pa.103/259?id=19040&startRow=1

May 4 US: The 15th Annual IEEE/SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference
Location: Seaport Hotel,Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Mre Infor: http://www.semi.org/wps/portal/_pagr/103/_pa.103/259?id=18967&startRow=1

Ma 7 Bay Area, CA, US:IEEE EDS/SCV Evening Seminar in Bay area, CA
Location: National Semiconductor, Building 31, 955 Kifer Rd. Sunnyvale, CA
Topic: Compact Modeling
When: 6-8 PM
Admission: Free

May 17 NY, US: Nanobusiness Conference
Location: Marriott Financial Center, NY
More Info :snemeth@penton.com

May 23-28 Seattle, US: SID Display 2004
Location: Washtington Sate Convetion and Trade Center
More info :http://www.sid.org/conf/sid2004/sid2004.html

May 25 Pennsylvania, US:Pennsylvania Nanotechnology Conference 2004
Location: The Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA
More Info: http://www.pananoconference.org/

To check events in June or later, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OrganicDevice/, chect its calendar, and add interesting event to yours.

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